iPhone Godfathers create coolest thermostat ever

By: Matt Grocoff , Contributing Writer
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Recently I wrote about 3 Green gadgets Steve Jobs would have loved.  One of those was a smart thermostat that was easy to program.  Today I found another thermostat that really does have an Apple pedigree.  The guys who helped create the iPod and iPhone have come up with a product so pretty it makes Tyra Banks insecure.

Most people don’t think about their thermostat.  Yet they control about half the energy use in your home. That’s why I always encourage programmable thermostats to help lower energy use.  But, I never found one that the average person could actually understand.  In fact, as many as 90% of homeowners with programmable thermostats have never programmed them.

Thermostats have gone more than thirty years without any serious innovation.  Then along came Nest.

It is just freaky-deeky gorgeous.  I’m talking I’ve-fallen-and-can’t-get-up beautiful.

It learns from you as you change the temperature.  So, there is nothing to program.  You adjust it as you would a normal thermostat during the first week.  Then it learns your habits and will start making those changes for you.  It’s like Santa Claus.  It knows when you are sleeping.  It knows when you’re awake.  It knows when your away for goodness sake!  You may want to consider a nanny-cam to keep an eye on this thing.

It’s a little creepy, I know.  But, the potential energy savings here are bigger than Snooki’s . . . err . . . hair.

The Nest connects to your home wifi.  So, it knows the weather and can be controlled from your phone, tablet or laptop.  Think of the possibilities!  Want to mess with your babysitter?  Simple - just turn down the heat while you’re at dinner and she’s with the kids watching So You Think You Can Dance?

If this thing works as well as advertised, then we are the verge of a home-comfort revolution.

Matt Grocoff, Esq. LEED is founder of Thrive - Net Zero Consulting Collaborative, host of Greenovation.TV, a contributor to The Environment Report on Public Radio, the green renovation expert for Old House Web, and a sought after lecturer. His home is America’s oldest net-zero energy home and was called “Sustainable Perfection” by The Atlantic, honored as one of USA Today’s “Seven Best Green Homes of 2010″ and Preservation Project of the Year.  He has been featured in hundreds of publications and news shows including Washington Post, Detroit Free Press, Preservation Magazine, Solar Today, Fox Business News, Huffington Post and more.  Join him on Google+, Twitter and Facebook