Old House Blogger Finalists Announced

By: Myryah Irby , Contributing Writer
In: Old House Blogger Contest

Choosing five Old House Blogger Contest finalists from the many terrific entries we received was much tougher than we anticipated. We were impressed by the quality of the writing, the breadth and variety of the home renovation projects, and the determination, passion and (in some cases) chutzpah conveyed by the home bloggers who shared their stories. Moreover, it was great fun exploring dozens of home renovation blogs thanks to this little house blog contest. Lots of blood, sweat and tears (and dust!) went into these remodeling projects. To all of the contestants: thank you. Keep these old houses alive and beautiful, and keep blogging.

And the finalists are…

It was close! So close, in fact, that we were only able to narrow the pool of finalists down to six, (there was a tie). Here they are in no particular order:

How To Fix a Leaking Bathtub Faucet c/o Charlesandhudson.com

A Step in the Right Direction c/o Russetstreetreno.com

Lesson Four: How You’ll Probably Never Cope Crown Molding Joints c/o diydiva.net

A Possum Next Door c/o Haleyanderic.blogspot.com

Give Us This Day Our Daily Humble Pie c/o Blessthisdiymess.com

When “After” is Worse Than “Before” c/o Ohapostrophe.blogspot.com

How do I vote for my favorite?

To read the entries click on the links above. You’ll be taken to a post on this blog synopsizing the entry (including a link to the full post on the blogger’s site). Use the Old House Web post with the synopsis to rate the entry and leave comments.

The judging panel will select a winner based on the highest ratings and the criteria outlined in the rules of the contest.  The winner will be awarded a $250 gift certificate to Lowe’s and an opportunity to become a paid contributing blogger on the Old House Web blog.

The winner will be announced December 2nd. Good luck to all the finalists!