Repurposing Old Dishes, Knobs, Jars, Trim, and Drawers

By: Elaine Vitone , Contributing Writer
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Architectural salvage, estate sale plunder, and rummage sale finds are like catnip for some people. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to justify buying all that beautiful old stuff, no matter how thrifty, adorable, and era-appropriate for your house it may be. Let’s face it: If your new toy is all looks and no function, it’s just one more thing to dust.

Well, that’s how I see it, anyway. So naturally, I’m always super impressed by people who dream up ways to turn old trinkets into beautiful “new” treasures with utility. While trolling the Interwebs for such ingenious upcyclers, I came across Post Road Vintage and Home Decor by Heather.

In addition to selling her adorable housewares on Etsy, Heather also blogs about vintage, handmade, and upcycled goodies. I love her DIY projects, craft and design ideas, and spotlights on her fellow Etsy vendors of vintage vares… Er, wares.

Here are a few of my favorite Post Road items:

Jewelry/accessory hooks made from old plates and knobs

How cute are these? She’s got ‘em in funky Fiestaware colors, too, perfect for hanging your aprons and tea towels that are too pretty to hide in a drawer.

Soap dispensers made from old Ball pint sized mason jars

When you love the look of old canning jars but can’t figure out what to do with them, well, it’s a real pickle (har har). But with some creative repurposing, they’re keepers. (For the more serious jar collector, Heather has posted on her blog a chart that helps you approximate the date on the old Ball jars you might have around the house, as well as a list of the supplies you need to make your own mason jar soap dispenser.)

Tea for Three Wall Organizer

Heather turned some old cups and some thoroughly grannied out contact paper into a darling little adornment that puts the “fun” in “functional.” I can just see my keys, pocket change, and pens in there.

Wall vases made from trim rosettes

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! See her flower vases made from clear glass jars adorned with old lacy hankies.

And my favorite Post Road treasure comes from her blog’s “Get Organized Monday” series (boy, is she ever a girl after my own heart).

Dresser drawer organizers

Heather picked up some orphaned dresser drawers from her local thrift shop and fitted them with caster wheels. And bam. She had herself a couple of sweet little storage bins perfect for stowing her kids’ hats, scarves, and mittens, decluttering and cute-ifying her entryway in one shot.

What a gratifying project! They’re way cooler than big plastic store-bought tubs; they’re rescued from needless demise in the landfill; and they’re right at home in an old house–under beds, benches, you name it. Kudos, Heather. Looking forward to seeing what else rolls out of Post Road Vintage and Home Decor.

And by the by, dear readers, what are your favorite ways to repurpose your oldies but goodies?