Spirit Gets Marching Orders: Old House Ghost Stories

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A forum member, Don M, shares his scary story. Got a ghost story of your own? It’s not too late to enter our Ghost Stories Blog Contest.

We have a ghost in our 1830s stone farmhouse. We think it is a German Aunt who lived here with the farm family from 1919 until her death (date unknown). She made her presence known by making a shuffling sound in the second floor hall. We heard her several times shortly after moving into the house in 1999 but we haven’t heard her recently. We think she is happy with us and the way we are caring for the home.

On a different subject there is my grandparents summer home in Sackets Harbor, NY. This is a large four story stone former grist mill built right on the shore of Lake Ontario. It was converted to a home at the turn of the 20th century. My grandmother purchased it in the late 1930s and my grandparents occupied it every summer until my grandfather’s death in 1960. My step grandmother sold it to a local Watertown lawyer & his family. Some renovations were made & the family lived year round there for several years.

Divorce left the lawyer living in the house alone & it was reported he became an alcoholic. He had a house keeper but he had one room at the top of the house overlooking the water where the house keeper was not to enter. Apparently the lawyer committed suicide in that room & it was some while before this was discovered. The Mill sat empty for a number of years & was bought at one time by someone who planned to operate it as a B&B. Further renovations occurred but the B&B wasn’t successful & the house went on the market again. Finally the present owners acquired the house. On the way to closing the realtor confided that the house was apparently haunted by the spirit of the deceased lawyer. That was interesting but the buyers were not dissuaded from purchase. After the closing the husband had to return to work in Syracuse but the wife elected to spend the first night in the home by herself.

Around 2 AM she was awakened by the security alarm going off. It indicated the kitchen door was ajar. When she investigated the door was securely locked. She reset the alarm & went back to bed. She was awakened again at three & four o’clock by the security alarm which indicated other doors & windows were ajar but when checked were locked. Finally the owner stood in the main great room & said in a loud steady voice, “OK, cut out trying to scare me: we are staying & you can stay or leave but I’m not putting up with your shenanigans any longer.” She went back to bed & they have had no further problems with the security alarm or issues with the spirit.