The DIY Diva Explains How to Cope... Molding, That is

By: Myryah Irby , Contributing Writer
In: Old House Blogger Contest

The third finalist in our Old House Blogger Contest is the DIY Diva. Her post comes with a disclaimer warning that she is not a professional carpenter, woodworker, or crown molding hanger — she’s simply a girl with a dremmel, some rotozip bits, and a miter saw.

We think she’s awesome.

Her post titled Lesson Four: How You’ll Probably Never Cope Crown Molding Joints offers a clear, well documented step-by-step on coping crown molding joints. Not easy!

Lookin' good!

Looking good!

DIY Diva is the real deal, and she’s got the ripped jeans to prove it.

Examining her freshly cut shoe molding

Examining her freshly cut shoe molding

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