The Fighting Friars of Home Renovation

By: Myryah Irby , Contributing Writer
In: Old House Blogger Contest

The fifth finalist in the Old House Blogger Contest comes from BlessthisDIYmess.com. They entered a post about solitude, fasting, poverty and obedience… in other words, the joys of being submerged in a home renovation. Elaine and Dylan are renovating a 1920s Pittsburgh home, “one do-it-yourself disaster at a time.”

In a post titled: Give Us This Day Our Daily Humble Pie Elaine examines her DIY-renovation lifestyle and notes: “We scare salesmen as we answer the door in our masks. We roll into Home Depot looking like alley cats, with plaster dust all over our butts, our hair, our everywhere. We have constant bedhead from showering at night, after long hours in DIY hell.”

BlessthisDIYmess in action

BlessthisDIYmess in action

Elaine notes that The DIY Mess has seen better days. “According to one neighbor, just a few years ago it was ’something straight out of Animal House.’”

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