The Haunted House in Dubuque, Iowa

By: Guest Author , Contributing Writer
In: Old House Musings

Here’s another entry in our Ghost Stories Blog Contest, in this one Pamela recounts a friend’s experience in a house in Dubuque, Iowa. Their names have been changed.

When Danielle and Lee Schmidt, a young couple with a toddler, purchased their first home, a modest, vernacular-style brick house in Dubuque, Iowa, they did not expect the hair-raising experiences that followed. Danielle doesn’t like to recall those years. So much happened in that house, remembering it is not pleasant, she says.

One evening as the young couple sat together in the living room watching television, a white mist slowly began to rise from the coffee table. As they watched, it swirled into the shape of a sphere. At the same moment, the Schmidts realized with horror that the shape was a human head!

Poof! Instantly, the apparition disappeared, leaving behind a charge in the air. Did you see that? Danielle asked her husband. He nodded. The experience upset them both. It was not a positive thing, recalls Danielle now. Definitely not. Through research, she learned that the house was built in 1905 for an elderly couple who both died shortly after its construction was completed, in fact, within two weeks of each other.

During another incident, she and her husband lay in bed, and the baby slept peacefully, when a racket suddenly erupted from the kitchen. Slam, slam! Someone must be in the kitchen! They heard the sound of cupboard doors being rapidly opened and banged shut. With trepidation, Lee got out of bed to take a look. By the time he reached it, the old-fashioned kitchen had returned to silence. No one was there!

Eventually, one winter day, Lee and Danielle determined to ask a local pastor for a house blessing. As they stood inside discussing this decision, a loud clatter came from the attached porch. They hurried to discover the cause of the commotion. Somehow, a snow shovel now lay far from where it usually stood. Thankfully, that was one of the final incidents. After Pastor McElroy prayed in every room, reports Danielle, the house seemed better.