The Haunted Old Schoolhouse

By: Guest Author , Contributing Writer
In: Old House Musings

Yet another spooky entry in our Ghost Stories Blog Contest, this one comes from Barbara, who writes:

I have had the opportunity to visit and live in a number of locales during my fifty-six years of living.  Some of the residences built in the early 1900s; my original family home, having had its start during the eighteen hundreds as a school-house. Having lived this span of time, life has taught me that the places we occupy, become imbued with the spirit of  those that inhabit them; that certain occasions, carry as memories, occasionally revealed… I would like to share one with you.

I don’t know exactly when I’d learned that the home we lived in had been a school; looking back it was just some information overheard and of no concern, just one of those historical facts, easily dismissed, only to be recalled time to time, over the years, as now…

As children, my sister and I shared a double bed in a bedroom opposite my parent’s room.  Being the ages of twelve and ten years; it was no hardship. One night, after going to bed later than usual, we settled quickly without the typical whispers and laughter that guaranteed our parent’s irritated reaction, often chastizing us, through the door, rarely prompting an actual visit to our room. What caused my waking, I do not know; I do know that as I opened my eyes, I saw my sister dancing daintily in the dimness of the hallway, seemingly admiring her reflection in the sliding glass doors of the bookcase at the end of the hall.  She swayed in the silence, pinching the sides of her dress as if about to curtsy before twirling a graceful spin. Stunned, I stared, wondering at the strange behavior for a bit before demanding in a hushed voice,  that she return to bed. She remained oblivious, as she continued to sway and spin. I called her name twice more, accenting each syllabel, totally exasperated.

“Whaaa-aaat..?” I heard her answer, soft with sleep, causing the skin on my back to tingle, the sensation riding all the way up to the nape of my neck.  The response not because of the reply itself, but that it came from behind me. Laying on my left side, my upper body supported on my elbow, I felt my head turn slowly focusing on the sleeping face of my sister.

Mouth open, eyes wide, I returned my gaze toward the hall, to find the girl facing me her hands touching, in front.

In the next blink, she was gone, but not before I realized, that, I had been able to see the image of the door of my parent’s room, right through her…and that I could not recall seeing a face…