Tool Review: Stanley 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station

By: Mark Clement , Contributing Writer
In: Home Improvement Tips

One of the major keys to any home improvement success–whether you’re fixing your own house or are a professional contractor–is organization.

I could write a hundred articles on every nuance of it (don’t worry, I won’t..today…)

Anyway, one of the major things people struggle with–again, DIY or Pro–is organizing tools. On both sides of the fence I know guys who have umpteen caulk guns or utility knives or coping saws because they can never find the “one” they already own.

If this is you (it’s all of us to a degree, don’t worry) you know who you are.

Stanley 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station

Stanley 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station

Over the years I’ve tried all kinds of different (to use a modern word in an old-house context) “solutions.” Some have made the cut, others not so much. A new system, however, has won me over–Stanley’s multi-tiered, rolling toolbox called the 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station. This pretty much re-invents how I carry and store some of my tools. For me it’s my finish rig.

First, a little about the box itself, notably, calling it a box is an exercise in understatement. It’s really several storage compartments designed into a single system. On the bottom is a large bin. Next up is a box with customizable compartments for storing small parts and fasteners. And on top is another top-load bin with a tray for mid-size and/or frequently used items. The whole thing rolls on rugged wheels, sort of like luggage and–this is cool–you can access all your gear at the same time because the entire thing slides open. Very smart and easy to use. What I also like is that it is sized just right. In other words, I can carry a full compliment of my trim gear and roll it when I’m able. Cool. But because it’s not too big I can lift it into and out of the back of the truck without requiring back surgery.

For a pro, I think it’d be part of an over-all organization system (a pro may even get several) while for someone with a smaller fleet of tools it might serve to keep everything in one place.

Here’s how I’ve organized mine:

Bottom Bin. Finish nailer, brad nailer, and narrow crown stapler, box of router bits.

Center Bin. Fasteners, racks of nails, small parts like gun-hose fittings.

Top Bin. That (OK, those) coping saws I kept losing and finding again, trim router, and micro-pinner. In the tray I keep school-boy pencils, driver bits, Teflon tape and other sundries.

The 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station helps me stay organized so I can focus on the work, instead of looking for the tools I need to do the work.