Welcome to the Old House Blog

By: Bill Kibbel , Contributing Writer
In: Old House Inspection

I’d like to use my first entry to tell you a little about myself and what I’d like to include in this blog in the future.

I’m primarily an old-house inspector (not an old house-inspector)! After a fast-paced career in construction management, I was hired to perform home and commercial inspections by the leading inspection firm in our region. I’ve always been fascinated by my local colonial era history and all of the old buildings throughout my sphere of existence. When starting this career, it quickly became obvious that I had a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship and resourcefulness of the early home builders. Within a few years I purchased my first historic home (built in 1690).

I began working weekends at a living history museum. In full costume, I would demonstrate 17th and 18th century woodworking and “joinery” of furniture and timber frame buildings. During this time I also used the history museum’s connections to research early building trades and materials. I traveled extensively throughout New England, the mid Atlantic and the United Kingdom, learning everything I could about historic building techniques and preservation practices.

Now, after over 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of inspecting over 10,000 buildings between 100 and 350 years old. I also get to share my experiences with my peers, by speaking at seminars and conferences several times each year. I’ve served on the Board of Directors of 2 public historic buildings and been a consultant to historic sites in several states. I’m also occasionally retained by municipal building departments, historic architecture review boards, preservation action groups and law firms as a consultant on technical historic building issues.

Shortly after The Old House Web was created in 1999, I was asked to contribute some stories, which then led to a regular column, where I’ve tried to pass on helpful information to old-house folks. The Old House Web has new owners recently and I’m honored to be asked to work closely with the new editors to create even more useful and unique content. I’m very pleased to be teamed with veteran old-house owner Tina, editor-in-chief and Lucy, managing editor, who are dedicated to continuing the original ambition of creating and improving THE resource for old-house enthusiasts.

I’ve been invited by the OHW team to this blog, where I hope to be able to share even more old-house stuff. Maybe some interesting “finds” in historic buildings. Maybe some interesting facts about old building materials. Perhaps some tips and techniques for inspecting, repairing, restoring and maintaining old buildings. Please stop by again soon. Post comments and questions and let’s see where this blog goes!