Exterior of your home pics

Here is where you can show off the pictures of your old home.

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Re: Exterior of your home pics

Post by bigskygal »

I put an offer on this bank-owned house today, and assuming it's accepted and all of the purchasing process goes well, I'll be moving in and starting to renovate end of February:


It's a 1894 George Franklin Barber Victorian, Design No. 56 from The Cottage Souvenir No. 2, published 1891. It originally had the turret and a dormer from the original plan, but they were removed at some point over the years; it's my plan to reproduce them (if at all possible) as I renovate to as close as possible to original - here's a picture from the design book:


I've located some historic pictures of mine and will post them as soon as I've got them scanned.

It's been my dream since childhood to own and renovate an old house; this is my first ever house purchase (hopefully the last, too) and will be the realization of that dream - and give me something to be obsessive about other than my gainful employment.

I hope I'll be here lots to share progress in the months/years to come!

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Re: Exterior of your home pics

Post by Civil War Seamstress »

Firstly Bigskygal...welcome to the Old House Web,the mayhem and the madness!

That house is beyond awesome!! I do hope all goes well and you will be moving into it
and be able to begin your lifelong adventure!!
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Re: Exterior of your home pics

Post by ironhunter »

Not mine, just wish it was. it is in Cayce, KY (Casey Jones hometown). I don't know any history of the home or when it was built. I do know that there is enough damage to the home that it will likely never be saved at this point.
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Re: Exterior of your home pics

Post by jannereeves »

Beautiful house dpsours.. :D

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Re: Exterior of your home pics

Post by AshleyB »

Here's ours, a 1901 four square. It was built by the builder of our street as his home and his model. It's one of the largest and most upgraded on the street. Sadly, it became a 3 family rental for at least 50 years before we bought it. Ease of maintenance was key and the whole thing was sided in the 70s we think. The oldest neighbors on her street remember it being brown and yellow. For years my husband assured me he had peeked under the front porch siding and they had ripped off the old porch and only plywood was there. Finally in 2011, with a newborn, I insisted he rip off a small panel. Surprise! The original porch was there and gorgeous!

We started painting but eventually hired someone to finish it. It helped me fall more in love with my house. The outside has always bothered me. The siding on the rest of the house still does. We're still on the fence about whether or not this is our forever house. If it is, I want all the siding gone. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. Holding off for now waiting for one of my dream queen Anne's the next street over.

Loving all of these pictures of your houses! It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there wanting to keep everything and restore it.

Wish my photo quality was better. I'm on my phone and downloaded them from Facebook.


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Re: Exterior of your home pics

Post by stereorob »

heres mine, 1925 craftsman style.. I think?

when my parents bought it in the 90s as a tear down before restoration, was a horrible tan color with neon green shutters..


disregard the date stamp on the photo, I don't have a scanner..

about the same angle today, needing restoration again as its been handed down to me.


rear porches then


rear porches now


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Re: Exterior of your home pics

Post by Cfuddy »

We just bought this Dutch Colonial built in 1930. It's in pretty good shape but we need to do something with that garage.
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Re: Exterior of your home pics

Post by ErinD1895 »

Hello Everyone,
My name is Erin and I am new to the forum. I bought this 1 1/2 story house that was built in 1895 in June of 2011. It keeps me busy!!
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Re: Exterior of your home pics

Post by JBaird »

Here is the Facebook page of my latest old house -

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peter-Ne ... 8151172664

(You will probably see me asking a lot of questions about this one!)

Please visit my page and post some comments on the contents.

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Re: Exterior of your home pics

Post by grammacake »

This is our old house,. Right now there is a new tin roof going on. We have been painting the outside, My husband and I bought this old house from some family members and are starting the renovations a little at time, There is a lot of work to do in it, but I think it will be worth it eventually. There is a lot a newer stuff added to the back of it that is going to have to be redone totally. The original part of the house is still in fairly good shape and has the old plank floors in it. Dogtrot through the middle but had some closets added, We just pulled them out yesterday and it made such a difference it is unbelievable, For the price we paid for it, I don't think we went wrong buying it.

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