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Re: Living Room Pics

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I've always loved the exposed beams and the plank doors like that, that's part of what I loved about England and Ireland, so many great houses and the exposed materials. Want to swap rooms for a day?
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Re: Living Room Pics

Post by stuart45 »

I'd be quite happy to swap for a day boot :D I made the door from some old oak floorboards last year.

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Re: Living Room Pics

Post by Battlecat »

Our living room never looks like this. This pic was made for an architecture book. Almost sterle, with an oddly placed chair and book..


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Re: Living Room Pics

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this is the parlor, hard to capture in a picture because of the angles but you get the idea

across the hall into the drawing room

[ then the drawing room, North and South

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Re: Living Room Pics

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Absolutely gorgeous!

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Re: Living Room Pics

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1911 Foursquare in central IL
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Re: Living Room Pics

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love your bench and coffee table. built ins are nice too :D

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Re: Living Room Pics

Post by Kansas. 1911. »

Love the atlas stand. Any chance any of that is Stickley?
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Re: Living Room Pics

Post by IL4SQ »

The only Stickley piece is the desk chair -- an old Gustave Stickley side chair we got cheap because it needed small repair to one arm, which I did -- wholly functional , but not as appealing to "real" collectors, so not very costly. The desk is McHugh, c.1912. The settee on the far wall and the rocker are old mission pieces, but unknown maker, probably regional. The Morris chair is a good reproduction of a 1903 Stickley bow chair (the original would cost $10k +, way outside of our budget!). The atlas stand is Levenger, a gift from a good friend.

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Re: Living Room Pics

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I love seeing all of these pictures on the picture forum, but I miss hearing the back story about the furnishings and such. Thanks for sharing yours IL4SQ.

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