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Here is where you can show off the pictures of your old home.

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Re: Living Room Pics

Post by lupinfarm »

Oh pictures of the little door "Popped open" please. Nice snifter of Brandy by the fire sound lovely. When are you sending out
the invitations? I`m not proud you can send my by pm.
putting the 18 back in my 1872 Victorian farmhouse.

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Re: Living Room Pics

Post by eclecticcottage »

These are all I've got, we had to totally tear out the floor, joists and all. In the process we took out two closets that we decided not to replace, so we decided to whitewash the walls so we could weave in new wood without going crazy trying to match the 30ish year old stain and sun darkening. We also installed a Lopi Republic 1750 woodstove that heats the whole Cottage (no other heat). The living room is an addition to a 1950's summer cottage.



The cabinet in the first pic was a curb find, this is what it looked like originally:


This was building the natural stone hearth pad the stove is on

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Re: Living Room Pics

Post by New Olde House »


The impact, from what you started with to completion, is stunning. Beautiful.

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Re: Living Room Pics

Post by charliecollins45 »

Nice living room! :shock:

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Re: Living Room Pics

Post by Jason »

Well you have nice living rooms but I observe that everyone have small living rooms because everything is set in very small space. But I like the big living room with more space. Anyhow thanks for sharing.

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Re: Living Room Pics

Post by michel »

Fabolous picture of room and furniture! :)
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Re: Living Room Pics

Post by phiferindia »

Some pic of living room has clumsy (sorry), i mean to say the things and properties are kept as dungeon on first post of second pic where two boys are playing. Backgrounds looks quite clumsy. Living room should be neat and space free. So that physic minds of guest feels relax. I like the photo The reverse. which is good and cool.

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Re: Living Room Pics

Post by roberthale »

Awesome Pictures of living room.

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Re: Living Room Pics

Post by rickyharlov »

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Re: Living Room Pics

Post by Jorlbayor »

I'm so in love with the vintage interior! these living rooms are so cozy
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