Mystery pipes circa 1900

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Mystery pipes circa 1900

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Hello all - Over the years i have replumbed and rewired most of my 2-family house here in Whitman MA. Mobility issues has forced me to create a 2nd floor laundry room (above existing laundry) and, to clear a path for running new pipe, i have these old pipes running open from the cellar (about 1-1/2” steel maybe) up through the attic floor. One is piped to the side of this container and the other one seems to be attached to the bottom of the container. The container appears to be a heavy cardboard with a metal lid and it sits on a piece of marble. Does anyone know what this might have been for? The pipes are buried within the wall on the 2nd floor and run on the surface in the 1st floor. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks much .. MrCzb
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