Eliminating Slugs In My House ?.

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Eliminating Slugs In My House ?.

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I have an older wood frame house with a crawl space. I never see slugs outside, but every night they come up from underneath the house. It is not uncommon to find as many as 7 or 8 slugs a night in my kitchen, dining or utility room. Does anyone have a practical remedy for eliminating these slimey creatures from under my house?


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Re: Eliminating Slugs In My House ?.

Post by Bell20 »

Do you have plants inside your house? That might be the problem. You can sprinkle some coffee around your plants and they'll avoid it.

I also read somewhere that you could create a "beer trap". Apparently, slugs love the smell of beer. Just pour some beer in a cup, wait for them to crawl inside, then toss them out.

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