I need, I need...to see pics of your home's exterior!

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Post by moonshadow317 »

Pretty house! I like the way your morning glories match the blue in your house.

That's not a house that's a mansion! nice!

Great thread by the way


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Post by KSR »

moonshadow317 wrote:KSR, Pretty house! I like the way your morning glories match the blue in your house...
Thanks, Karen! It's taken me 2 summers to get the blue MG's going and not have them get swamped out by the purples that seem to be growing wild or something. And I've always been a little hesitant to post pics of the actual house exterior because of all the idiosyncrasies, like the dungeon-like iron porch door and windows, and the inconsistently applied stucco job. And is that not the TALLEST chimney ever constructed on a single story house or what? Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be on an outside wall of a hipped roof house, but it just seems like it goes really high.
I agree this thread is fun--these are all really great houses. I really love seeing the variety!
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Post by Schag »

The wife and I were looking through our pictures and came across one of the first pics we ever took of the old home.

This one was from 3 years ago, right before we moved in.

And this one is from late spring of this year.

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Post by Mr. Mike »

Wow, those are all such beautiful houses! I'm almost ashamed to show off our slanty shanty...

But this was last March:

And this was June:

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Post by Nancy W »

Here's mine - Lower Brambly, circa 1895

[img][img]http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i135/ ... ure012.jpg[/img][/img]

And this is the farm house at Westwood Farm, circa 1900 . The caretaker lives there. It actually looks better now than in the picture. The caretaker has been making improvements. LOTS of cleanup.

[img][img]http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i135/ ... ics023.jpg[/img][/img]

And this is Edee's favorite, the farm house on an adjoining farm called Wicomico Fields. I love the name. I can't take care of 3 old houses (and this one needs SO MUCH TLC), so I am looking for someone to move her. Since the farm is in agriculture preservation we can't sell this house and a few acres off from the rest of the farm. If we did, there could never be another house on the farm. The farm is allowed one house. If it is demolished or moved, it could be replaced in the future. But if it stays with any part of the farm, the rest of the farm can't have a house. We need to preserve the ability to have a house on the farm. Anyone interested. It is commuting distance to DC although a long commute, many people do it.

[img][img]http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i135/ ... s-side.jpg[/img][/img]

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Post by daina »

I'll toss ours up. I do sooo want to put some color on the house and open the porch back up, but I haven't been able to convince my hubby yet... Anybody have experience with painting peeling glavanized steel siding???

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Post by RaeSzafir »

Here is my work in progress :D It's no where near as nice as some of the grand homes you guys have. Wow!! is all I can say.


In progress:

Actually in looking at this picture quite a few more things ahve changed since I took this in June, The main roof has been replaced, there is more paint on the house, the basement windows have been replaced and that aweful antennea is gone. Maybe I'll take another this weekend and follow-up on Monday.

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Post by Greg »

All very nice! This is a great thread. If I had to pick a favorite, though, it would be donoinmass. Just spectacular! Every aspect of it is so well designed. I would kill for those chimneys.

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Post by CivilWarHome »

Greg wrote:All very nice! This is a great thread. If I had to pick a favorite, though, it would be donoinmass. Just spectacular! Every aspect of it is so well designed. I would kill for those chimneys.
I agree! My favorite so far also!
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Post by al_roethlisberger »

Well, we FINALLY got ours painted.

We picked the hottest month of the year, so we had to keep our windows open for quite a while so they wouldn't stick. Our AC bill was rather shocking, but not unexpected as you can imagine :shock:

The job turned out quite well, although we'll probably take each window apart one-by-one over the coming years and repaint them as they are fully restored. But they needed paint badly now, so we fixed glazing, caulked, etc as was needed and painted everything.

The neighbors will probably think we're nuts when after just a year or so, I start pulling sashes and stripping paint in sections :roll:







The after pics are actually about a week before they finished the final detailing and punch list. So what is missing is just a touch of gold above the drip edge over each 2nd story window, and the crown up under the porch is gold as well. It really set the windows and the porch ceiling off.

If I get some updated photos, maybe I'll update this post.

This last year has been tough, taking on this project and getting laid off from work at the same time... so things had to slow down. But it's coming along 8)

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