This makes me sick :(

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Re: This makes me sick :(

Post by kat »

I probably missed some details in this discussion,

but dont discount the economy on why no work is not being done....people with BIG money cant get loans, a bank would probably freak out about a place like that...unfortunately the loan and credit markets are shut down now

My mortgage has changed companies several times...I keep thinking of refinancing but figure everyone will RUN from a 250 year old house...dont even really want my current company to overthink it too much...

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Re: This makes me sick :(

Post by KathyJB »

I decided to contact Mark Leskovec via FaceBook and here is his response about the Burrell Mansion. I think you will like the news.
Hi Kathy,

I'm not sure how much you have read or are aware of, but apparently some restoration is slowly getting underway. A Little Falls man purchased the property, including the mansion, carriage house, and immediate grounds in I believe June 2009 at the bankruptcy auction for $50,001. He and his partner, to my knowledge, have been working on renovations in the carriage house (which had also been a disaster) and are currently living there while preparing to work on the mansion. I'm not sure if anything has literally transpired since late summer 2009, but I'd assume they will begin work on the actual house this spring because they seemed very serious and committed. During the holiday season they put a huge light-up star on the roof, so they must have some limited electric or long extension cords. The only development I am sure of is that the public is completely banned from going up there now. Does that help?


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Re: This makes me sick :(

Post by 1880 Stick Victorian »

nothing has been on the news and not even on the website of the village of little falls....before spring arrives might have to take a little two hour drive to little falls, if there is no going up to the house, is there anything wrong with using a zoom lens... or is that a violation of privacy to get a recent picture of the house?
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Re: This makes me sick :(

Post by nickd »

Hey everyone! Phew it's been a long time since I've checked out this thread... Just wanted to say hi again, and that I'm actually going up to the Burrell Mansion this weekend! I'm actually going to meet Mark (who commented earlier) and we're going to check out the Burrell Mansion if we can, and also take a look at the Wagner Mansion (another nearby mansion in disrepair) and some other stuff in the area. I'm not sure if we'll be close enough to take pictures, but if we are, I'll definitely do so!

Oh, and since I first posted here, I ended up going to the University of MD (I'm 19 now). I got in to RPI, but well, in-state tuition can be a big difference! I've been accepted into the architecture program at Maryland, and will be starting studio next semester (as a junior). My passion is still historic preservation, and I definitely want to get some form of degree or certificate in that (which UMD actually offers). I also collect vintage stuff much more generally now (mostly from the 30's-60's), and have a blog for that at

Anyways, I will definitely try to get pictures of the Burrell Mansion, or more information if I can... I'm so glad it went to someone that has plans to restore it! (if not slightly jealous I wasn't 10 years older with money!)

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Re: This makes me sick :(

Post by KathyJB »

Hey Nick, that's good news. Hope you get some info if you can't get pictures. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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Re: This makes me sick :(

Post by Don M »

Good Luck with your career choice; I wanted to be an architect when I was young but became a veterinarian instead. I still love architecture & old houses. Don
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Re: This makes me sick :(

Post by aptharsia »

Any update on what happened with the mansion?

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Re: This makes me sick :(

Post by bofusmosby »

Thank you Nick for your posts. VERY refreshing!

I had a good look at the photos that have been posted, and believe that the house is in MUCH better condition than it appears. As far as the porch goes, this looks to have been caused by thiefs/idiots removing all the fancy wood-work on and around the porch. I would be willing to bet that they "propped" up the outside of the porch to remove the fancy wood-work. This is what i believe caused the colapse. The people (if I can call them that) that do things like this ought to be SHOT!

Well, there goes the neighborhood!

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Re: This makes me sick :(

Post by amy »

The new owner of the Overlook Mansion is in the process of restoring the mansion. There is also a website now with a few photos:

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Re: This makes me sick :(

Post by GothicHome »

Well, it's really nice to see the restoration of truly a great house.

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