Turret with curved windows posing a problem HELP!!!

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Doyle family04
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Turret with curved windows posing a problem HELP!!!

Post by Doyle family04 »

We bought our 1910 home 5 years ago and it was all ready restored and remodeled however the builder left the original curved windows intact but replaced broken ones with plexiglass. These windows have zero insulation and there is wood rot from water damage in the winter when ice forms and then melts. We want to keep the curved windows but it is costly to replace them if they break and the plexiglass is worthless. The windows are beautiful but also a pain each winter season. We currently hang plastic but the draft is still present and ice still forms. HOw can we fix this problem and it is going to cost a fortune?

Daniel Meyer
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Re: Turret with curved windows posing a problem HELP!!!

Post by Daniel Meyer »

I have the same issue...on two floors LOL!


Curved glass can be bought/ordered...but I've no idea on the cost yet.

As far as the wood-rot...standard repair techniques...epoxy of minor rot damage, replacement of stiles for major rot, strip, reglue, prime, paint, reglaze. Jamb inserts can be used here too...solving balance problems and seal around the sashes...the curve is not relevent to that..

I intend to check and see if I can order custom curved insulated glass...but I don't hold out much hope for that.

The thickness of the wall on our house (because it's curved) seems to lend itself to making/installing a flat storm window for the winter season...either on the inside or outside, depending on how the windows are hung. It could be made with insulated glass.
Daniel Meyer
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Re: Turret with curved windows posing a problem HELP!!!

Post by donoinmass »

You can install a flat triple track storm over the curved glass. Thats what I would do - even if temporary. As far as replacing the curved glass, it can be ordered, and it isnt cheap, but i dont know how much traffic or how busy your home gets, but breaking a window shouldnt be a worry as long as you are careful, dont place things that could fall on them etc... My house has 10 of those windows, each 1/2" thick plate glass...pretty tough to break actually!! And with the storm window on the outside, you would be adding another "layer" of protection. Good luck...i agree you need to get rid of the plexi!
Don O'Neil
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Re: Turret with curved windows posing a problem HELP!!!

Post by sundine2 »

There is a company in Cincinnati that makes storm windows...not wood ones but they do show that they have a curved storm for those types of windows. I have the same ones in my house. I don't know how to measure the curve to order them either. I also know there is a company in Illinois that does the curved glass. You can have the storms made then send them to this company and they put the glass in. I have the info at home in my computer.


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