How do I defrost my old house FRIDGE?

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Re: How do I defrost my old house FRIDGE?

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I had an apartment refrigerator with an 'icebox' instead of a separate freezer compartment: you opened the full-length fridge door, and then there was a microwave-oven-sized freezer space with its own additional door. Whenever the frost layer got thick enough that I couldn't put a carton of ice cream in, it was defrost time.

I put our milk etc. in a picnic cooler and used a hair dryer on the ice. Occasionally a section of ice would detach from the freezer walls enough to be pried off with a non-gouging tool (I forget what I used).

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Re: How do I defrost my old house FRIDGE?

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Empty it of food.
Switch it off at the mains.
If it's got a little drip spout at the bottom (most do), pull it out and direct it into a bowl or something to catch the water.
Otherwise, keep on top of the meltage with towels or whatever.
Leave the door open and it'll melt by itself. Or have fun chiselling great big lumps of ice off if it's really bad.
You can put dishes of boiling water on the shelves to speed the process up with steam if you want.

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