painting 1950's fridge

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painting 1950's fridge

Post by calltc1983 »

I just bought what I think is 1953 Admiral fridge converted into a kegerator. It desperately needs a paint job and before I go out in my garage and start sanding it down in my garage I was worried about the original paint containing lead. so I was hoping someone might know if it does and what precuations i should take before sanding.

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Re: painting 1950's fridge

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you can get a lead testing kit at the hardware store if you are worried. Then you should wear a respirator to ensure you won't breathe in the dust. I have been a fan of using a heat gun to soften the paint, but not all that sure about how to take it off a fridge. You can't go above 600 degrees on a heat gun or the lead will vaporize.

If you have a painters uniform to wear that will keep your clothes free of lead dust.
When you wash your clothes keep them apart from the other laundry.
cover the work area sanding dust fly everywhere.

I am sure others who have done this more than I have (so far I have only removed paint off the house)
will have plenty to advise so the job comes out nice and your health stays intact.

don't forget to post before, during and after shots of the project!

Just noticed you are new around here.... welcome to the madness!!!! :D
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Re: painting 1950's fridge

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If you are repainting a 1950s refrigerator, I would highly recommend sandblasting it versus sanding by hand. Any auto body shop should be able to do it for you if you don't have the equipment.
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Re: painting 1950's fridge

Post by ShirleyShort »

I hope you have painted the fridge successfully. Let us know about it. My suggestion should be, you should check the fridge well before paint if it have got any kind of technical problem.

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