Wrong place for a dryer vent?

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Wrong place for a dryer vent?

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I just bought this old house that was lifted a few years ago on a new concrete foundation. Probably for maximizing height of the basement while respecting city reglementation, they kept the old wooden bottom plate (8 inches high) to sit on top of the new foundation. That means that floor joists are sitting on the wood plate and not directly on concrete.

Now, a dryer vent has been drilled and installed directly through the bottom plate instead of the rim joists, which would be the normal case. Don't know why. But this leaves a 4 inches diameter hole right in the middle of the bottom plate, which has a load-bearing purpose here. Hopefully, the hole is located between two floor joists.

At your opinion, do I have here a security issue for the long-term stability of the house? If yes, any idea on how I could fix this or should I leave it like this?

Thanks a lot

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Re: Wrong place for a dryer vent?

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That probably is not a problem as long as the bottom plate doesn't rot. You might consult a structural engineer for his opinion to be sure. Some citys have codes that specify how large & where a hole can be drilled thru structural lumber.
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