Need help settling an argument

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Need help settling an argument

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I have a mud room and the floor currently consists of early 1950's era puke-red linoleum tile which has seen it's day. I'm ready to rip up the old and prep the sub-flooring for either a hardwood floor, or stone tile. The argument we're having here is that the wife just wants to lay whatever we end up going with over the old tile and be done with it, whereas I want to rip everything up and start fresh. She see's no problem with doing things her way and simply will not listen to any of my arguments for doing it my way. Simply put, she want's it done yesterday and has told me, "Go find a professional opinion stating that it's better to rip all of the old stuff up and we'll do it that way." So here I am. The house itself is almost eighty years old and in the room in question there is an old cast iron radiator with no "slack" in the pipe, one of the main reasons why I don't want to lay down new, over old. Thanks to all in advance for any and all assistance you can give and Happy Easter.


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Re: Need help settling an argument

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Mainly I can say it's not a good idea because whatever you are putting down (if it's tile/vinyl) has to stick to the old it can come loose and ruin your nice new surface.
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