OK, What is this???

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OK, What is this???

Post by mjstef »

20,000 Sq Ft Victorian built in 1910. One of these was beside every toilet (10) in the home. What is it?
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Sacto Diane
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Re: OK, What is this???

Post by Sacto Diane »

20,000 sq feet? Holy Crap! Any pics?

PS, I have no idea what those things are for....

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Re: OK, What is this???

Post by Crystalthepistol »

I believe it may be something for a radiator heater. They were obviously wealthy to splurge on such things, and why not have warm bathrooms? Google 1910 radiator and some different pictures come up . I'd like to see a picture of this mansion!

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Re: OK, What is this???

Post by Nicelydonekitchen »

I can't understand your question. Please let me know exactly what you need ?

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Re: OK, What is this???

Post by Morningstarlet »

I'd love to see pics!

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