Needing paint recommendations

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Re: Needing paint recommendations

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Excellent, Misty-Anne. Thank you

Dana Vermeer

Re: Needing paint recommendations

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My den has vaulted cielings with two square (fake) colums against the wall made from 1 x 10. They are painted. Unfortunately whomever painted them did no finishing work on the bare wood so they are rough, the edgeds do not match up, and the paint has a lot of trash in it. My questions is what would be the best way to refinish these columns. Unfortunatly, all my trim is this way so I will be refinishing it all. Should I use a belt sander or is that to extreme, a vibrating sander and if so can I just smooth it out and repaint or do I need to take it to bare wood and start over. Same with most of my trim. Much trash in paint. do I need to do it all by hand. Any comments would be much appreciated.

Thanks Dana


Re: Needing paint recommendations

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I am a painting contractor in the boston area. If it were my house, and I had the time.

1. Wash all surfaces to be painted using Jomax (a cleaner and mildew killer) 2. Remove all jomax with a pressure washer at no more than 1500 psi. 3. let the house sit for 10 days. 4. You are probably dealing with lead if the house was built in the early 1900s so be careful. Meaning containment of the chips and wear goggles (the lead will get in your eyes and tear ducts) and a resparator.(not a dust mask) Scrape to remove ALL loose and peeling paint. Sand all scraped areas to smooth the edges for the finishcoat, open up the grain of the wood, and to remove any dead wood fibers. 5. Where you cant get the paint off, glue the existing paint edges to the wood using Zinzzers Peelstop. 6. Fill any holes in the wood or rotten, detailed trim work with Nextec Epoxy. (it is really expensive, but when it is wet it is the consistancy of Vaseliene so it can be shaped. When it hardens it will out last the house. 7. Install wedgevents to all siding Depending on the size of the house you will use between 400 and 600. (this will help vent the moisture in the house) 8. Prime all siding and trim with 1 coat of an oil based Cabot Problem Solver Primer. 9. Caulk all cracks in clapboards and seams in trim with a paintable Acrylic Caulk. 10. Paint 2 Coats of a 100% Acrylic paint. I reccomend California 2010. Buy the most expensive paint your particular brand sells. I is worth it. There is nothing more expensive than a cheap can of paint.

Best of luck

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Re: Needing paint recommendations

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Hi painters,

I am a remodeler type with an architecture degree (which means I know something about that which I am speaking, hopefully) and I was going to ask about some opinions on paints. I have used many different paints throughout the years including SW promar 200, which I thought was good, Behr, which I did not like because I can see all of my cut lines, Glidden Premium, which I thought did surprisingly well, some older PPG paints which seemed to do an ok job and even the cheap walmart brand when helping a friend, because in his words, "hey, it's only a house", as he painted the trim and the brick at the same time.

Now that I am older and more patient I use much better equipment and my prep work is far better. I don't use blue tape because I can lay down a straight line with a 2" Purdy just fine. I want to take it up a notch, starting with my next job - a 2400sf house that is a family project and I want to make it good. What are your opinions on interior eggshell paint for brand new drywall with a heavy texture? Although it sounds great, something like Aura is probably out of the price range.
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I was looking up the msds sheets on the Glidden Premium from ICI and Home Depot and it appears to me that the ICI formula of the "same" paint has some higher quality additives. Like I said, I have had good results with the Glidden but I want to make this exceptional. Although I have been long winded and rambling, can you guys give me your lists of favorites?

Thanks ahead of time.

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