Re Restaining a bathroom door

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Re Restaining a bathroom door

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Good Afternoon Everyone,
Around seven years ago I stripped down and then restained a bathroom closet door in our master bathroom. It had a thick coat of puke-green paint on it that the previous owner had slathered on in an effort to try to match some of the subway tiles in said bathroom (He didn't match the color, not even close.) Anyway, I stated off with 60-grit paper and worked my way down to 120, I removed the aforementioned paint and brought out the beautiful custom cut cypress grain until it was smooth as glass. I applied a thin coat of pre-stain and let it dry for 24 hours and then applied the first coat of red mahogany minwax stain and let it sit for around fifteen minutes before removing the excess. I let that dry for two days and then applied another coat and again, after letting it sit for around fifteen minutes, I removed the excess. After four coats- all applied in the same manner- I applied two thin layers of clear coat, letting two days elapse beween applying the coats.
It came out beautifully and looked great for the longest time, but now I have a problem and I am not sure of what is causing it and I am hoping that someone here might. Around eight months ago, I noticed that the color of the stain was begining to fade and I couldn't figure out why. The door does not get direct sunlight, so that eliminated the biggest factor I could think of. Then two weeks ago I noticed that the clear coat I applied was now flaking off, leaving the exposed wood underneath with very little of the original stain color remaining. Before I take this thing off the hinges and beak out the sander again I was wondering if anyone here might have an idea of why this happened in the first place?


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Re: Re Restaining a bathroom door

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Perhaps, the paint you chose was low quality?

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