Security guards

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Security guards

Post by AnthonyABobo »

I would like to get a clarification on security systems. Currently, one of my friends is planning to hire security guards from one of the security consulting services of Vancouver. Are security guards sufficient enough to monitor and secure a house? Is there any need to install security cameras at home? My friend wants to get his house and the premises well secured and protected. Will security guards protect the house from break-ins? Please chime in your suggestions. Thanks!

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Re: Security guards

Post by Bradleytragland »

Security guards are good. But there are more ways you can improve the security of your house. Use the internet to learn more about it.

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Re: Security guards

Post by HistoryDiver »

Having worked in the physical security and security electronics fields, I can tell you that having security guards always at your site gets very pricey. Even though they may be getting just over minimum wage, the service itself costs more. If they are a roving service, only there once in a while, then you have big holes in your security coverage which defeats the purpose. Camera systems right now are top notch and can be very flexible in how you set them up. Additionally, with a little forethought they can be placed even in historic structures with little obtrusiveness but still great coverage. They are definitely the better deal.

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