Need help identifying

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Need help identifying

Post by Jeanniekess »

I am trying to figure out what this would be used for? When I was 3 years old that was 1975, we lived in a rented house in Houston Texas that had a long hallway with closets up and down both sides that ended with a door to the outside. This hallway I believe was connected to the kitchen. It was painted green and not the same as th rest of the house. Not sure how long the hallway was or how many closets. I have no photos. I asked my mother later in life and she tended to exaggerate and could not give me specifics. I want to know this because I was told I was scared of this hallway all the time and would stand a stare down the hall and sometimes scream. I probably was seeing spirits. But I thought if I can get an idea of what their hallway was used for and the closets it might give me a clue as to what kind of house it was etc.

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Re: Need help identifying

Post by Peter1203 »

Man, that was a set-up house for a horror movie. They were about to shoot a creepy movie in that freaky house of yours :lol:

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