Epoxy garage floor - diy??

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Epoxy garage floor - diy??

Post by Shopym »

I am moving into a new home with only screeting on garage floor. I would like to finish it off with an epoxy layer(s). The paint supplier says it is easy to do, first coat very thin, second after leaving to dry can be slightly thicker. I know floor must be cleaned properly before the time. Any other tips before you start? Acid cleaning to prepare the floor? If so what acid?

Help will be appreciated.

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Re: Epoxy garage floor - diy??

Post by janedavis »

In my last house, I did it myself using 2 kits from Home Depot or Lowe's. As I remember it was about $100 for 2 kits. It's really not that hard if you don't mind investing the time. But be careful, those floors get slicker than snot when wet. Next house, I'll mix in some sand to give it some grit to help with traction.
Probably take your time to do all the preparations. The better the prep - the better the product will last in the result.
How many coats? I believe it depends on the product you're going to use.
And as I already said, be careful with slickness - as you might want to use an anti-slid.

Good luck!

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