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Britain's priciest dating agency says it's worth every penny

with so much ways to meet a prospective partner for free it might seem strange that expensive introduction agencies still exist at all.

From internet dating to smartphone apps such as Tinder, Which links up to your facebook account, Or less prestigiously chatting people up in the pub on Saturday nights, There are a multitude of cheap ways to try and find love.

However Berkeley international reach and international, international,global marketing is unashamedly bucking the trend. rather than just catering to the mass market, Its eye watering memberships fees make it one of the most expensive dating agencies in Europe.

a regular romantic date, But now several ways to meet your partner, From introduction agencies to internet dating and now smartphone apps

While average folks might be feeling the pinch of austerity Britain, It seems that those lucky in finance but unlucky in love are still prepared to fork out for the opportunity to date people as rich and successful as they are.

While its possible you have thought that people would be put off by the hefty membership fee, Which begins at 10,000 and go a great deal as 60,000, Founder Mairead Molloy says that the number of individuals on its books shot up by 35 per cent last year.


Give your man anything he wants in bed and try to wear a. what YOUR sexual regrets? lots of lovers or too few,

'People are even more willing to spend money now all around health feel vulnerable, And it's better to have two of you feeling that way together alternate to being totally on your own,' she says. 'It's bad being rich and single but it's tougher feeling poor and single, So people feel it's a great investment worth making.or,--

Berkeley claims to have FTSE 100 company chief vip's on its books, As well as financiers, Global tycoon and even several super stars. And it isn't just older, Rich people who are forking out for Berkeley's services,statements Mairead, But people on their thirties and younger.

'There are many young lawyers and bankers who sign up with us,' she says. 'They want someone who's professional and going places.'

Our online dating service personals blogger Kylie finds Berkeley is not for herMy two notable dates from Berkeley include drinks with a guy whose Berkeley membership was a present from a friend (Where do people make such near friends, 'Happy birthday! Here's 60k price of dating!or,--) And I was among his first dates.

He was haughty, Chauvinist, Ageist and obnoxious but had a nice looking face. I had fun with him for the evening and probed him merely about his 'nightmare exes' and his ageism (Women over 23 begin looking 'f old'). He is at his 30s.

I was told would be 6ft he without any doubt wasn't, Actually barely skimming over my petite height.

After our date he hounded me with keen texts and messages which proceeded to become obstructing. I wasn't wondering.

Next up was coffee with a guy who lived australia wide. although often fly back to the UK though, So it could been employed by. He was over for a business trip and saw me literally an hour or two before his flight home. We had a nice chat and loads in keeping, But he never made contact with after our date. It seemed doomed in truth as he lived so far away, But he was promising as a person.

He seemed the kind of guy who had just earned his money honestly and was short on time to meet new girls. The glamour, Prestige and promise of superiority surely attracted him to Berkeley.

As I write a dating blog the actual MailOnline, I was offered a trial of Berkeley overseas.

I was invited to speak to the latamdate scam founder, the knowledgeable, certain Mairead, and consequently had several conversations with her chirpy right hand woman, Jo. I was probed in detail about what I was ready for and what I would settle for.

Berkeley make sure to match you up as closely as possible to someone who fits your recommendation. But women should be aware they may get matched up with men who are frequent jet setters and international businessmen. While glossy dates are surely on the menu, They may miss out on the cuddles on the sofa intimacy that give dating someone with a less high flying job.

Following my connection with the service, I realize I would prefer to meet more local people, And not limit myself to only who should be able the eye watering fees. Perhaps I am not the simplest match for it, As one of my specifications was 'money must not be the most important thing to the men I meet'.

Berkeley can surely work for diverse type of woman. One who exceedingly cash rich, Time poor and ready to travel continents for love. Who wants a person that can match her in all aspects of life. Who knows exactly what she wants and won't settle for less. very similar to the men.

Kylie, internet dating Diaries blogger for MailOnline

online dating sites are used by millions of singles across Britain, And are less expensive than expensive agencies, But can they boast the non-public touch?

the company was founded 15 years ago has offices in Cannes, rome, Brussels, melbourne, Geneva, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Milan and New York as well as its secret headquarters in London, And plans to open in Hong Kong and indiana next year.

Basic health club starts at 10,000 another yea majorr, Will get you as many dates in the UK as you would like, Unlike other agencies which constrain you to one every six weeks or more.

'For 10,000, You'd expect a limitless number of dates,' said Mairead with revitalizing honesty.

having to pay 15,000 20,000 will take care of Europe too, So you can fit in some match making while off on holiday or during business trips, and also 50,000 gives you your pick of partners all over the world.

intended for 60,000, You get the personal care and attention of Mairead herself, Who is not going to travel the world in search of your perfect match, But will point you in the right direction as it pertains to working out what has been going wrong for you in the past.

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