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I Need help! Wood floors and humidity

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 10:04 am
by Tj0413

Newbie owner here who just bought an old 1894 house in south Texas.
The house is great but it is super humid here in the summer. The house is elevated 6 feet with a covered crawlspace with small ventilation under each piling. There is soil in the crawlspace. The problem I am having is with humidity in the summer. The floors are 100 year old floors which are very sturdy per the inspector and made out of Pine. The problem I’m having is that the floors are not insulated underneath. There is no closed cell insulation it is just bare floor. Therefore the home is very temperature shiftable based on the outside temperature. I am concerned because I am getting some cupping of my floor in the summertime when it gets so hot because the central AC is running more often. I was told by my air-conditioning company that I should put a dehumidifier in my house however I am wondering if the dehumidifier will create a larger humidity gap and thus make the floor and subfloor more susceptible to getting wet and cupping. I don’t have the money to close off the crawlspace nor do I have the money to close sell the crawlspace right now. My plan was to create six Crawlspace vents to help bring ventilated air into the crawlspace due to the fact that when you go down there it feels very muggy. I am wondering because the house has been here for 100 years if I should change anything it seems to be doing well without any wood rot at all however it is concerning me. I went in to the crawlspace today and the subfloors seem a little damp when I put my hand on them but I don’t see them rotting? Should I run my a c higher? It is so hot here. The other question I have is is it better to keep a dehumidifier in the house? Does that create a larger humidity gap between the subfloor in the actual floor? Any help would be greatly appreciated