Crawl space basement insultaion/smell

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Crawl space basement insultaion/smell

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Hi everyone,
This is my first post here. What a great resource!

We've inherited a 200 year old farm house in upstate NY. The "old part" of the house has had several additions over the years. One room was likely added in the 50's and has a crawlspace basement that needs some TLC. The fiberglass insulation under the floor is falling out everywhere – probably from critters. The floors always feel frigid and there's an unpleasant smell in the room that I can only describe as "armpit". :?

Anyway, you can see where this is going. We'd like to redo the insulation. Is spray foam the way to go? The crawlspace is dirt with a stone foundation. The piers are also stacked stone.
Any recommendations for a good antique stone basement contractor in the Oneonta area?

Thanks all! Excited to start chipping away at this laundry list of projects :shock:

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Re: Crawl space basement insultaion/smell

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Did you get any advice on this? we have a similar situation.

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