Insulating from the outside - Help! 1899 Farmhouse (no sheathing)

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Insulating from the outside - Help! 1899 Farmhouse (no sheathing)

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I'm in WV (climate zone 4/5) where we can get cold stretches in the winter and hot and humid summers. My 1899 house is typical of the time, siding clapboards are nailed directly to studs, no insulation in the stud cavities, no sheathing. Interior walls are tongue and groove beadboard that are staying intact. The original exterior siding is in just okay shape and needs some replacement so I'm taking the siding off to facilitate insulation.

My current plan is to fill stud cavity with Rockwool, add a quality house wrap / vapor barrier, and then reapply and replace siding boards.

My concerns: my current plan is not to add sheathing, is this a big mistake? the house is structurally sound so I don't think the added structure of sheathing is critical at this point, and I'm concerned that added wall depth will give me a big problem to address with the original windows that will need adjusted if I come out too much.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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