Inspecting our potential purchase ?.

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Inspecting our potential purchase ?.

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This is strictly my own opinion based on experience and common-sense. I truly believe that the average home buyer can see any obvious problems in wiring, plumbing, foundation; and the over-all home inspection provides a possibly false sense of peace of mind. After viewing 16 (older) houses in the past two weeks, I have noticed a tendancy to run into the same types of problems: damp, indeed wet, basements from water seepage, fraying or brittle electrical wiring, shifting foundation blocks, and the like. I KNOW that something will need to be done in each of these instances in a very forseeable future. In the case of a wet basement (where there were old cisterns under the porch), common sense tells me that the reason the water is in the basement is because that foundation wall happens to be the path of least resistance. The obvious solution would be to divert the water to a more suitable place to ease the pressure against the foundation walls. Without getting specific inspections done by specialists in each area, an over-all inspection will only buy peace of mind for the few who have totally set aside common-sense in favor of the emotional aspect of owning a particular home. There may be exceptions, certainly, but this, as I stated earlier, is my opinion.


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