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Weather proofing repurposed vintage windows

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 6:44 pm
by VTDabbler
Hi all,

I'm in the process of restoring a couple of antique window sashes plus repurposing some in tact sashes from 60s/70s era double hungs to install in a new post and beam shed/studio I'm building (with rough cut lumber from a local sawmill). The 2 tall antique windows will be fixed. I'd like the smaller sashes to open into the building from the top. I've framed the openings in place. The sills are sloped and have a kerf cut underneath that acts as a drip edge. The top of the face trim also will have a drip edge installed taped to the house wrap. As I'm in the Northeast my biggest concern is making sure I can prevent water infiltration around the windows in a driving rain or snow pile up. The shed won't be insulated and will be used for 3 seasons.

I'll be installing window stops across the top and sides on the outsides of the windows to keep them in place. I didn't think I should install one on the sill as it could prevent water from draining. I plan to use pvc trim to make the stops and install by putting down a bead of silicone before nailing the them to the jams. The attached pictures show finalizing window fit (need to trim the bottom of a couple windows so they will set farther back into the opening making room for the stops).

Would weather stripping attached to the bottom of the window sashes prevent potential leaks? If so, what kind for both the fixed sashes and the operable sashes? Will the stops be enough to keep water out. The sashes are square cut at the bottom (after researching a number of other folks window up cycling projects, I noticed they didn't trim to the same angle as the sill.) What other things should I do to make sure the windows stay water tight?

Thanks in advance for advice and pointers .