Does someone understand windows?

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Does someone understand windows?

Post by Footsox1 »

Hoping someone here can help. We are in Florida and ordered new hurricane windows months ago. They finally got them in stock and scheduled us for installation starting today. The windows are "hurricane impact windows." They have aluminum frames and then have a thick piece of pliable plastic between the panes of glass, so if flying hurricane objects hit the windows, the panes of glass might break, but the whole window will not blow out, and the window is held together with this pliable membrane. OK. So, some of our windows were supposed to have "Muntins" or grids - making it look like there are several panes of glass, or small windows. Nowadays, there are not several panes of glass -- they simply put the grids inside the 2 panes of glass, to make it look like there are several panes of glass. So, when the windows arrived, they got the order wrong and none of them have the "muntins" or "Grids" - which is the look we are going for. They are right now deciding what to do... the on-site supervisor said they could "glaze them after they are installed." Meaning, they would come back and add the grids, after the windows are installed. I think this is just wrong. I was under the impression that the grids are placed inside the panes of glass at the factory and then factory sealed. Can anyone give me any more information on why I do not want them to come back after they are installed and add the grids? I am not sure of the process, but it seems to me they would attach them somehow and caulk around the edges. I certainly want them factory sealed.... Thank for any info. I appreciate it.


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Re: Does someone understand windows?

Post by Timplex »

Call me cynical, but it seems the contractor is trying to get paid for installing windows that were mistakenly ordered.
After you pay for the windows, you will have no recourse for getting the order fixed to what you originally ordered.
Caulk? That creates a maintenance chore that you would not have with the installed faux muntins.
Just have them reorder the windows, and refuse delivery of what you did not order.

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