Stucco Repairs to a dormer

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Stucco Repairs to a dormer

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I hope you guys can understand my project. I really need your help. (I have added a photo) I have a modern looking house and one of the features is a dormer-type feature that rises about the roof. The house is stucco over concrete block on the first floor and stucco over wood on the second floor. A metal roof was installed perhaps 10 years ago. I believe this dormer feature was not flashed properly and the roofer guys didn’t really know what they were doing. So, the stucco on the side of the dormer feature is cracking out. I am sure water was getting in, and helped it crack out from behind. Now, I am trying to have someone replace the stucco. I really don’t want to tear apart the strip of metal roofing that lays up against it. The roofers answer was to “just caulk it.” I am so fed up with construction people who “just caulk it.” I am a homeowner with some experience of many projects, but stucco and roof flashing is not my thing and I will have a construction person do this repair. Unfortunately, the construction people in my area know nothing about proper flashing. I am hoping you can suggest some fixes that do not involve taking off any roofing. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Stucco Repairs to a dormer

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So the flashing has to go under the stucco otherwise you will eventually and always have water leakage. That's what my stucco guy told me. I think anything short of that will always amount to a bandaid fix.
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