Pre War NYC Fireplace Question

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Pre War NYC Fireplace Question

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I'm hoping you can help me out - I moved into a new apartment in New York that has a lovely cast iron surround and summer cover from Conover & Woolley in NY. The piece is in great condition, but I was wondering if something was wrong with the cover and the surround - simply put I can't figure out how to attach the summer cover.

There are 5 tabs on each side of the surround, slightly inset to the surround itself, but nothing on the back of the cover. As such, I can lean the cover to completely fill the surround opening , but cannot get it to stay, and am worried that it may topple back on to a person (or my cat! :cry: ) if it is bumped. Do I need to purchase something to support it at the base? Or is there a piece of the surround / cover that has been lost to time? Some pictures are attached for reference.

Hoping you can help.

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