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Post by floorgirl »

hi, I've been looking for composite floor/wall tiles produced in the 1920's. the product name is zenitherm and its the loviliest flooring I've ever seen.i grew up in a house that had most of the floors done in this.i would like to find a salvage supplier that has some.I'm not picky about color or design I just want to put some in the house I am building.please, is there anyone that knows where to find this?

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Post by moonshadow317 »

I had never heard of this stuff so I did a search. It looks like some way cool linoleum.


I could not find anyplace to buy it. Doesn't look like it's made anymore.
Maybe you could call:


Or there are many helpful links here:

http://www.oldhouseweb.net/suppliers_of ... ing_.shtml

Barbara in Hollywood
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Post by Barbara in Hollywood »

How very cool! If you strain your eyes a bit you can see what they made Zenitherm from with the link that moonshadow posted...it looks to be a linoleum type flooring but made fireproof by adding gypsum. Linoleum is basically made from wood fibers and linseed oil and some other binding agents that are cooked and pressed into flooring....and with that recipe I'm guessing it's pretty flammable. Whatever this stuff is it's terrific...I want some!

Barbara in Hollywood


Post by Schag »

I emailed the guy from the FTL website and asked him if he knew of a source.
He replied that he has never run across any source of Zenitherm, nor has he ever run across any similar products.
Sorry I couldn't help more.

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Post by jagmanvdp »

I wonder if it has asbestos in it?????

Sorry to rain on the parade..but just wondering..

Enjoy yourself, It's later than you think



Post by coueelynn »

Thanks for the info everyone. I know that several old government buildings have them but I can't find anything in private homes. oh well I'll keep looking. its one of my favorite things about my dads house. Its very comfortable on the feet and stays at an even temp. Thank You for the responses

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Post by zenitherm »

the reason you cannot find zenitherm anywhere is because it is an amalgam of several different materials, one of those being asbestos. the material can't be made without asbestos, and thus, it has fallen out of production.

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Re: zenitherm

Post by sjodmgrp »

ZENITHERM is Compressed Stone and Wood.. That is all..
I have it all over my house! it can be cut into any patter or design you want.
Beautiful especially after it is sanded buffed and sealed.

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Re: zenitherm

Post by Castle140 »

I hope you are still interested.
We are about to close on a house with 2660 sq ft of Zenitherm.
Let me know if you are interested.
Hope the picture loads up.
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