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Re: Location forums

Post by McCall »

Well I am now on the map and in two places I put both my Weirton WV house and my Cape Cod home. Notice it is a bit of a drive between the two!
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Re: Location forums

Post by KristenS »

I didn't know about this map. Very cool! I just added my house in NJ. Fun to see it with my little marker guy on it. :)
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Re: Location forums

Post by Lynners »

Neat! Ijust added myself as well
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Re: Location forums

Post by catperson »

A little belatedly I added my house in St. Joseph, MO, and our even older rental property across the street. Hi Sarah (Angolito)!

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Re: Location forums

Post by jwesevich »

I was quite surprised that the locations didn't skew more towards the Northeast, particularly given the old houses we've got knocking about...

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Re: Location forums

Post by NickPool »

Really cool! Added my location!
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Re: Location forums

Post by Taints1969 »

Add my Location Holtsville, Ny( New york)


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Re: Location forums

Post by roger00 »

i can understand the topic "Location forums" can anyone explain it clearly ?
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Re: Location forums

Post by mrgrtt123 »

I am a bit lost about this thread, can someone help me figure out what it is?

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