help! internet connectivity issues

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BobG - thanks, I'll check that one out as well.

Bulkley, my laptop is dual-boot Linux and Windows, and I teach a Linux class as well. But since I teach both Linux and Windows, I need to have and use both. And I default to Windows since I'm too cheap to replace the wireless Broadcom NIC that shipped with my Dell laptop with a NIC that has drivers for Linux. I had a good dozen people at Linuxworld this past August try to help me find a way to get Linux to go wireless on this laptop, and still no luck. I've tried at least four different distros (though I really need Fedora since that's what we use for 2/3 of the class I teach), tried every trick I could find for getting Linux to recognize and use the windows NIC driver, searched the web for hours, wrote to Dell and Broadcom... no luck.

As for the PC that was having the problems, it's primarily used by Partner and Elder Granddaughter to play a multitude of games (yeah, no wonder it has problems!) that won't run under Linux.

I'm totally with you on the Linux thing, but unfortunately it's just not practical.
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Abuela, I understand some of the hardware issues. Sometimes you just have to stick with what works because nothing else does. We have an old PC with Win95 on it. Yech! It serves its limited function, but we are going to have to get rid of it. Personally, I'd go strictly Linux, but my wife won't. Oh, well, to each her own. Still, Internet access is shared through my Linux connection; cheaper, safer and easier to set up.

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Re: help! internet connectivity issues

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The first post I'm visiting this forum.

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