Kitchen appliance recommendations

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Kitchen appliance recommendations

Post by sundine2 » everyone knows by now that we are planning on remodeling our kitchen. I have talked about the "professional" kitchen ICON, Thermador, Wolfe etc...but man for the money I can do so much more in other places. Any recommendations on Double ovens ( with convection option), range top and cabinets depth refridges....I do a lot of baking so that is why I want double ovens...


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Re: Kitchen appliance recommendations

Post by dpsours »

Check out Consumer Reports. They let you know the frequency of repair on different brands, and they also give decent comparisons of features. Usually, the high-end brands are not very reliable, and you get more bang for the buck with the more conventional brands. Last I knew, Whirlpool was the most reliable brand overall, and that's been my experience as well. They make several of the Kenmore appliances, so you can get the same features and quality in a Kenmore that you would pay more for in a Whirlpool.
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Re: Kitchen appliance recommendations

Post by jeepnstein »

We avoided the designer boutiques even though my wife wanted a large stainless "commercial" range. I found one, the only hitch was it was a real restaurant range with some insulation and spark ignition added to make it UL approved for home use. Oh, and it cost about half what a Viking or Thermador would have. It was an Imperial and is sold by restaurant supply stores only. The thing is like a tank and is a joy to use. I can just take the top outside and clean it with a pressure washer and oven spray. The oven will hold a full sheet pan. It was around $4,500 delivered.

I can't help you on the double ovens. We're still shopping for one, too. I'd be happier with a commercial setup but I think she's wanting built-ins instead.

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Re: Kitchen appliance recommendations

Post by Venn Diagram »

We did our kitchen last year and were seduced by the big fancies, but after talking to many people decided they were not worth the enormous upcharge. We then investigated commercial products learned we'd have to put in a new gas line, have pilot lights heating up the kitchen all day, and deal with permits and inspections and fees from the city. We decided to go with all Bosch appliances at the end of the day - very simple, attractive, well made, economical and so far wonderful performers. Dual fuel range bakes like a dream and has a very versatile stovetop. They make double ovens too. The dishwasher is silent as the tomb and very energy-efficient.

One thing I'd do differently - buy the best range hood you can afford. We skimped on that, getting a less-powerful model, and are regretting it now.


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Re: Kitchen appliance recommendations

Post by S Melissa »

I have a double built in Thermador oven - electric - one convection - one regular. Great oven - large on the inside and really like it - but - for some dumb reason the LED light on the control panel is now so dim that it can't be seen. Oh, at 3 a.m. you can sometimes see it - but otherwise not. Grrr. The thing is abou 5 yrs old. For the money I paid for it - it should've lasted till I died. And the other gripe I have about it is that it takes soooooo long to heat to temp. I fire it up roughly 20 minutes before it reaches temp. Otherwise - great oven - door closes like a Mercedes!

I have a gas Dacor stove top. Really like it a lot - The ignitions on the auto light are sometimes figity and I have to use a lighter to light it. But, it is very nice.

Moral of the story? I spent a lot of money on these items and they are nice - I do have fits of cooking from time to time - but if I were to do over - I'd probably look for the next tier down - high end Whirlpool or GE lines. And if you're doing a range - go for duel fuel - gas cooktops are the best! I'd never had one before and won't go back if I can help it.
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Re: Kitchen appliance recommendations

Post by lla »

Melissa, sounds like I put the same Thermador double oven (1 std, 1 convection) in my dream kitchen of the house I built pre-divorce. Loved that kitchen. Especially the oven.

Went a little cheaper on the other things - electric cooktop (Bosch) and a wonderful but inexpensive hood by.... zephyr? name escapes me. Kenmore frig.

Back to my old, old kitchen with the oven door that doesn't close right... but my floors and woodwork are way, way nicer!!

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Re: Kitchen appliance recommendations

Post by Sombreuil_Mongrel »

I redid my kitchen in 06-07 and used these brands for appliances:
Jenn-Air cabinet depth french door fridge.
GE Monogram dual fuel 36" range w/ 4 burners&grill.
Thermador 42" vent hood w/internal 1000CFM fan (should have gotten the 1200CFM external fan.
GE Monogram Advantium 120v Speed Cook oven
Bosch SHV46-13UC dishwasher.
All of the above have been perfect performers, but the vent hood even though huge and loud, still can't keep up with the smoke generated by the grill.
I am very cheap, and searched the interweb long and hard until I found each at a discount, except the fridge which I bought from a store in a neighboring state; still no sales tax on that baby.

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Re: Kitchen appliance recommendations

Post by catgb56 »

When we re-did the kitchen (pre-divorce also) we bought a Viking stove/oven. Let me tell you...the thing is a L-E-M-O-N!!!! :evil: And Vking c.s. sucks! My S.O. has been putting new ignitors/whatever into them every other year now and they are not cheap! So, IMHO I would steer clear of anything Viking. Do your homework and check out Comsumers Report like everyone else is saying...high end pretty is not always worth it in the end. Middle of the road is probably just as nice if not better in performance and everything else that is important.

(I still have my early 1980's dishwasher - Kenmore - and it does a decent job, for as much as I use it and NEVER had to have it repaired!)
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Re: Kitchen appliance recommendations

Post by oldhouseluvr »

Stay away from Sears. We've replaced several major appliances over the last ten years and because DH insisted, we bought all of them at Sears. In ten years, the dryer drum is rusting, the washer has spin control problems, the freezer door handle falls off and the paint on all five of the appliances we bought there is about as thin as you can get and still cover the surface. I would say that on a scale of good, better, best, we bought what we thought were better appliances, but what we got in terms of quality is fair. You're smart to do your research first.

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Re: Kitchen appliance recommendations

Post by angolito »

i like my jenn aire combo electric convection double oven for over all performance. the gas burners are realistically configured too closely, but my biggest problem with them is a relatively insensitive adjustment on the gas output. i love the double oven and it is pretty versatile, especially for browning and braising. . the top oven is not deep enough for a big casserole, but i give the combo an "a" overall. i never thought i would utilize the convection option as often as i do........

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