Old houses...old lawnmowers?

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Old houses...old lawnmowers?

Post by eperot »

I suspect I am not alone in that my love of old stuff extends beyond my house. For instance, I have a love affair with my 1968 Toro Sportlawn "Hi-Cut" powered reel mower. I got it last year and with a mild tune up it runs on the second pull, every time. It is powered by a 2 horsepower Briggs and Stratton and runs like a champ. It also produces one of the better cuts I've seen. My neighbors look at me kinda funny when they see me using it, but I think it's the bees knees. Anyone else have this pervasive oldness habit that overtakes your life? I just think things were built so much better years ago. :)
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Re: Old houses...old lawnmowers?

Post by boot »

Very much so. I have an International Harvester from the 60's or 70's for the yard and have had a love affair with old cars for a long time. I'm also restoring a 1968 MTD Trail Flite minibike as well. I have my old Zenith Circle of Sound speakers hooked up to my old Zenith record player/radio upstairs. To top it off I always used the crock pot my parents got as a wedding gift in 1970. Sadly it passed away this last winter. RIP crocky.
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Re: Old houses...old lawnmowers?

Post by Don M »

Me too! 1955 Ford 850 w/front end loader & back hoe; 1960 Ford 600 w/ 5' bush hog & pulverizer & a 1971 Buick Skylark Custom Convertible. I have 1970s vintage Pioneer 626 & a 727 receivers hooked to large vintage Pioneer speakers & a Pioneer 8-track recording deck among other old things! Also a 1906 Regina 15 1/2 music box w/ 50 metal disks. Don
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Re: Old houses...old lawnmowers?

Post by Danno »

nothing that overtakes my life, but I love this tractor. Doesn't take much to keep it running, will probably be in similar condition when I die and pass it on to my kid(s).
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Re: Old houses...old lawnmowers?

Post by PowerMuffin »

We have a reel mower, although it is a new one, and we love it. I love the no noise/smell of it. I think all stinky-fueled ones should be outlawed unless you have more than an acre to mow! We would all be in better shape with my plan too.

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Re: Old houses...old lawnmowers?

Post by eperot »

Oh, I forgot to mention my love of old Volkswagens too. I've got a 1979 Westfalia Camper that we use for more than just camping. It's become the go-to bus for trips to the dump, lumberyard, etc... :D
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Re: Old houses...old lawnmowers?

Post by CountryGirl »

Danno, What a beauty! During some of the parades here
we get to see some pretty cool tractors like yours. Always a
a treat. :)


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Re: Old houses...old lawnmowers?

Post by Kansas. 1911. »

That John Deere is really sweet. I bet she doesn't just sit outside. She probably has her own barn.

I have one old item that makes no sense to my husband. I have the table saw that was once my father's. It was the saw he used to make my cradle. Now, I don't have the cradle, nor do I have any photos of it. But I have the saw.

My father was born in 1911. The saw is an old Craftsman that has been around the block a few times. The blades will need to be sharpened. Good thing I have a corner in the garage allotted to me, where the saw just sits. I also have a reel mower. It just sits because my husband likes to mow. I have a road bike, too. It just sits, too, but that is the lazy factor, none other. New or old, it's just nice to be able to keep our "stuff" in a garage, just in case, ya know?
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Re: Old houses...old lawnmowers?

Post by melissakd »

New is all right if you like that kind of thing. I've been an old-fashioned girl all my life.

--I have a reel mower too. It's not every chick who asks for one as a birthday gift.

--I have a Eureka vacuum cleaner like the one my mother used when I was a child, late-1970s vintage. (Before they started making small-motor parts out of plastic.)

--When I was a teenager I fell in love with the 1930s Fiesta (I had extremely picky taste then compared to now) and immediately began collecting it. By the time of my wedding, all I needed was one plate.

--I always had an eye for my grandparents' older furniture, and I ended up taking stewardship of several items as they slowly downsized from house to apartment to retirement home.

--An old lady at my church whom I barely knew gave me several of her hats. This was in the late 1980s/early 1990s when I was wearing a hat every day. I still have the hats. I don't wear them much any more; you have more time to dress, and you care more about it, when you're in high school and college.

There's probably more, if I thought about it longer. MKD
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Re: Old houses...old lawnmowers?

Post by utopia13 »

I have to admit, just this past weekend I bit the bullet & bought myself a self propelled mower. My yard is thick & the grass is long, and I'm tired! There's so much to do, I knew this would be a huge time saver.

I freecycled my old gas push mower & my reel mower.....OMG! I think I'm still getting emails asking if I have either of them!!
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