Talk to me about modern gas ranges...

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Re: Talk to me about modern gas ranges...

Post by jharkin »

I would love to have a gas range... the one thing we miss from our apartment... But even though we have natural gas in the house they capped the line to the kitchen and plumber wants a grand to re-run it. ugh.

The PO's did leave us a nice GE profile glass top.. which actually cooks much better than the old coil ranges I remember. But the oven is odd. Its an electric convection and these models get very good reviews but my wife the baker hates it. Everything she bakes takes much longer than it should and we always have to turn the heat up. I have tested the temperature calibration (the melting sugar test) and it seems to be correct so I'm not sure what to make of it. For now we live with it.

As tempting as it is I'm going to have some restraint and not get into this rich/poor debate. I would too easily fall into a rant about CEO golden parachutes, income inequality and big business buying votes in congress....

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Re: Talk to me about modern gas ranges...

Post by Frinamb »

I understand that I late for discussion, but let me share my experience.

My wife and I are pseudo-serious cooks. We've both held bitch-level jobs in commercial kitchens. She used to work in a bakery. We are in our first house, and we've been fixing it up so it's nice for us to live in, but also with an eye toward sale in a year's time.

We got a gas GE range like this ... -the-home/ a couple years ago. We made sure to get the continuous grate across the top with the weird oblong fifth burner in the middle. The continuous grate is something I would not do without. The oblong middle burner is great for the dutch oven. Both the simmer burner and the big BTU chucker burner get heavy use.

The oven temp isn't all that accurate. Maybe if we had paid extra to get a dual fuel model with a convection oven it would be better, but this hasnt been a big deal for us. A remote oven thermometer solves this problem for cheap, and most baking enthusiasts who I know end up using one anyways.

We spent enough money to get the stainless steel because that makes irrational homebuyers excited. The 5 sealed burners and the continuous grate were for functionality. Spending extra above that for dual fuel or convection oven didn't make any sense for us: it sounds like you're in a similar situation.

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