Has anyone put ventless gas fireplace in existing fireplace

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Re: Has anyone put ventless gas fireplace in existing fireplace

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If it were me, now I love a good fire and burn often, I'd put in a fireplace insert. Vermont castings offers a fireplace insert that slips into your fireplace, you might have to remove part of your damper but it uses a SAFE chimney insert. It also sticks our into the room slightly naturally emitting more heat. They also have heat exchangers and automatic temp switches for the blowers. They claim to heat a fair amount of space, i believe 2k sqft with a burn time of up to 12 hours. They also have auto air control to control the burn. They are like a nice firebox only look exactly like a fireplace with a nice view area. If I weren't selling my house I'd have one right now, I got a quote of around $3k installed a couple of years ago. I wish I had done it, I would easily have saved that much in propane costs! When I sell my house I am searching for a new old house, I've already decided if I find one without a fireplace it must have a place fro me to add a fireplace - I'm adding a Vermont casting insert!


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Re: Has anyone put ventless gas fireplace in existing fireplace

Post by triguy128 »

We had a direct vent insert at our last house and loved it. Very realistic looking flames and TONS of heat... msot of it radiant. It actually was a little big for such a small house so out utility bills actually went up. I think teh installer makes a difference. If they set the damper too conservative (open too much) the efficiency drops pretty quick.

It's one our short list of upgrades for our house. It probably going to have to wait until both 18 year old AC units quit (10 y/o when installed "new" 8 years ago), Either reline the chimney or go to a direct vent water heater, and I have a chance to replace the massively oversized upstairs furnace. We're working on properly upgrading the electrical service and seperating hte last of the appliances that shuld have their own branch circuit. That would be the last of the "fixes" to bad decisions, cheapness & ignorance of the PO's.
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Re: Has anyone put ventless gas fireplace in existing firepl

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:P Recently i collect a ventless gas fireplace in my home. It works of art that add beauty, and warmth to my home smartly. Really ventless gas fireplace is foolproof solution for my house. a ventless gas fireplace can keep me warm and cozy as well. These fireplaces do as much to warm my inner soul as they do to heat my room. They also do not require electricity so they heat my room without adding to my light bill. :P

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Re: Has anyone put ventless gas fireplace in existing firepl

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I have an old wood burning fireplace in which I am putting non-vented gas logs. I have not purchased the logs yet as I am still gathering information.
The flue does not have a closing damper. I am planning on blocking the flue using sheet metal and HVAC metal tape. The distance from the logs to the proposed shield is 17." Will this metal shield be sufficient for this non-vented gas logs application?

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