Help on antique mirror

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Help on antique mirror

Post by weppler1978 »


I'm bidding on this piece on ebay, its an antique victorian mirror, can anyone tell me whats probably the max I should spend, I tried lookingfor comparables and they are all over the place. I know exactly where I am going to put this, fingers crossed. Thanks! ... 0963052358


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Re: Help on antique mirror

Post by Neighmond »

Funny, all posts from this user reference fleabay sales by the same seller.

I small a canned ground meat product.
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Re: Help on antique mirror

Post by stepan »

It's already sold.. Were you the one who bought it?
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Re: Help on antique mirror

Post by Alexferguson12 »

A mirror, in its most simple kind, could be a piece of glass with a silver backing that's protected by paint. The silver doesn't paint. it's a awfully skinny layer of pure elemental silver that's fashioned by a chemical change that happens directly on the surface of the glass.

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