I have an old house......

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I have an old house......

Post by staceyisladycrow »

Hello...I need some direction. I'm in Griswold Connecticut. About 15 min from Foxwoods Casino. My parents are passed and they left me and my sister a falling down home from the 1700's. I need someone to be honest with me whether this house is attractive to someone to buy or whether we should tear it down. If you live in CT and are knowledgeable...........and wouldn't mind taking a ride...please email me at staceyisladycrow@hotmail.com

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Re: I have an old house......

Post by Nancy W »

I am nowhere near you, however there will be someone who will want a house from the 1700's. A house of that age is not that common. It will require someone special to tackle the restoration. Visit your local historical society for guidance on finding help with your situation.
Lower Brambly circa 1895
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Re: I have an old house......

Post by austimothy »

My Name is Timothy White.

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Re: I have an old house......

Post by marksmith »

Hi staceyisladycrow,
I think you should take help from a local real estate agent.

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Re: I have an old house......

Post by djeaux »

Depending on the condition, the wood in the structure may be worth more than the structure. Consult a real estate agent familiar with old houses AND a good salvage lumber dealer.

My Queen Anne 1895 would be a "hard sell" here for $600K but a guy told be the timber & yellow pine would go for nearly double that... except for the National Registry plaque and the "in perpetuity" federal lien for the Hurricane Katrina grant.

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