Standards for kitchen cabinets

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Standards for kitchen cabinets

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I have few quick questions on custom cabinets as part of a massive kitchen remodelling plan.

1.Has anyone transformed their kitchen using the modern cabinets? If so, how would you rate the quality of the wood used>
2.For an old house, will the modern kitchen appear out of place?
3.Should I stick to this local cabinet dealer I've found or buy cabinets from a global brand?
4.IsIKEA as good as they say?

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Re: Standards for kitchen cabinets

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My parents modernized the kitchen of their 1868 Victorian in 1954. That was before mass-produced cabinets were common, and a local carpenter did the work. They are made of plywood and solid wood, and have held up perfectly. They were always painted, and have been repainted at least once, maybe twice. The countertops are grey formica with chrome metal edging, and the large double sink is enamel over cast iron. That is how it was all of my life, so it's hard for me to imagine what the original kitchen looked like, but to me, the 1954 kitchen blends seamlessly with the rest of the house, which is quite well preserved. The house is now for sale, and I have little doubt that whoever buys it will gut the kitchen and start over, even though it is very functional and efficient in its present state. I have seen other similar homes where the kitchen looks so out of place it could move one to tears. And it is not because the owners went "modern" but rather, tried to duplicate the style with mass-produced cabinets. Besides the fact that such cabinets use excessive amounts of particle board, the available styles reflect the current fashion trends and will inevitably appear dated in a short time. They are, at best, a poor imitation of the real thing. Pictures of the house can be seen at the R.E. listing link: ... 002#photo0

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