Who are we?

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Re: Who are we?

Post by triguy128 »

Another Iowa resident in the SE corner of the state... yes, that is part of Iowa, not Missouri. This town is loaded with old historic homes at rock bottom prices. It's heyday was the 1880's-1940's, but also has a ton of post war homes.

My name is Mike. I'm 33, my wife April is 37. We have a 2-1/2 year old daughter. I'm originally from Michigan. My wife grew up in MO, but was in the Navy and lived in San Diego for 10 years or so before moving back to the area. We've been married 4 years. I'm an engineer/project manager at a local factory and my wife is a loan officer (mortgage lender) at a local bank.

This is our 2nd home, but the first we bought together and the 2nd home we've each purchased. We have lots of plans for hte place. Mostly exterior. Plenty of landscaping work to be done to really make it our own.

Otherwise. I'm into Triathlons (hence the screename), so I can be found running or cycling around the area most mornings between April through November and one weekends. I'm also running again for our city council. I had to resign this Spring when we moved across town, but I'm now going for an at-large seat.
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Re: Who are we?

Post by MrZprojects »

Me - Mr Z, currently a caretaker and residential counselor for adults with disabilities, but hope to (in the next year) write full time. I have had more "hands on" jobs than I can count and somehow I have learned just enough to be dangerous in the remodeling and construction fields.
She - Mrs Z, a community skills counselor at the same organization I work for. We met on the job. She would rather be a stay at home mom while substitute teaching part time.
We've been married a little over 3 years.
Little Z - our 17 month old boy. He already thinks he knows how to work with Dad's tools.

We own a 1914 bungalow in small town Iowa. It's our first house and we are trying to do a lot with it. It's small and we complain about the available space often, but for now it's home. Our project house. She is the decorating and I am the fixing / building. Together we are a pretty good team.

Just doing what I can with what I have - 728 square feet of wood, plaster and high hopes.

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Re: Who are we?

Post by bobber128 »

I'm pretty new to the forum, so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Dan, I'm a 33 year old father of three (two girls, one boy) from Mid-Michigan. My wife (username: mifoursquare) has been on here a while. We've been married 14 years (yeah, that means I was 19 when I got married), after meeting in the Army. About 6 years ago we moved into our foursquare that we keep discovering is older and older. Initially, we thought it was built in the '30s, but have since discovered it has been here since 1912, at the latest. We are slowly but surely trying to get it back to period-appropriate.

As for me, I am a police officer with a small department and enjoy my job (most days). My hobbies are ever-changing and all-encompassing. I have, over the last few years, enjoyed running, sketching, beekeeping, riding my motorcycle, reading and many more things.

DW is an OB nurse and will be starting grad school in the near future, in pursuit of her dream to be a mid-wife. She enjoys reading, gardening (our yard always looks amazing), and making honey-do lists.

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Re: Who are we?

Post by mrstan »

My name is Stan. I used to post here, probably around 2007, when my ex and I owned a Queen Anne Victorian townhouse in Historic Midtown Harrisburg, PA.

The ex is well, an ex, and along with the relationship went the house... since then - I've been renting, and finally met "the one" so once again - I'm preparing to purchase a "new" old home.

I used to post under Mistermoonstruck, but I can't remember that password, so I am now MrStan, and hope I can reconnect with some of the great folks I met on here in the past.

I am a full-time Realtor, and house house enthusiast. That's about all for now.... I'm just looking forward to learning, and getting some great ideas for the new place!

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Re: Who are we?

Post by jade mortimer »

well, welcome back and make sure we get to see the shot of your cape again!

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Re: Who are we?

Post by lavender_bush »

Greg - did you request a new password?
I do it everytime I'm logged out and it doesn't accept my password - I get a new password instantly via my email and voila! I'm back :)


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Re: Who are we?

Post by michaelskis »

Hi, I am Mike and I am 32, and live in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Along with my wife Tracy, we have a 3 year old son, a dog, and are expecting the birth of our second son in March. I am an independent Planning Consultant that focuses on historic communities and neighborhoods.

Three years ago, we moved into a 120 year old East Lake Victorian within walking distance of everything in downtown, in the wonderful Heritage Hill Neighborhood/ Historic District. It was a wedding present for the only daughter of the prominent lawyer who lived next door in the last 1800s. With the exception of a fire that burnt down the detached carriage house, the house has never been added onto. However, in the 30’s it was converted into multiple apartments and two of the three fire place mantels are missing. They did however leave almost all of the original walls in place and we still have 8-foot high pocket doors on the first floor.

Our goal is to restore the house to its original grandeur, but in a way that increases the comfort and usability, and maybe get it to net zero. I am a realest when it comes to restoration and I know that many of the construction methods and materials used back when the house was built are far superior to many used today. So I am starting my process by restoring each of the original double hung, 2/5 over 3/5 scaled windows, one at a time. I would like to get both sashes to be fully operable and then replace the aluminum triple track windows with something better and that would allow both sashes to work as they were intended (convection system in the warm months).
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Re: Who are we?

Post by housecrazy sarah »

Hi, my name is Sarah...
Canadian now living in Colorado... mommy of two... writer... social worker... artist...
Frazzled (and broke) owner of an 1870's brick Gothic Revival.

Nice to meet you all!
check out my crazy (but humble) house blog: http://www.house-crazy.com/

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Re: Who are we?

Post by coldwater »

My name is Dave, and my wife is Linda. We have one daughter that is fresh out of college, and now on her own. We are the owners of an 1846 Federal style Colonial home, that is in the process of a full on gut and restore, both house and property. It's located across from the Connecticut river, and sits on just under an acre of land. We live here with our 2 Rottweilers (both big babies and pet therapy dogs) We are both self employed, and I'm a contractor.
Owning an old home requires good stewardship, so that we can not only honor the original
craftsman who labored to build a home of enduring quality, but allow the next generations the opportunity to live in history.

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Re: Who are we?

Post by Sashguy »

Hi, I'm George, wife is Paula and Labrador is Brandi. We live in the Woodland Heights in Houston in a 1936 tract home. By trade, I am a Historic Preservationist specializing in double hung sash windows manufactured between 1860 and 1940 servicing the Houston/Galveston area.

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