Who are we?

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Re: Who are we?

Post by lavender_bush »

Well, welcome Ryan and Kerianne (BTW I love your name)

Kerianne I worked as a florist way back when, so I know your challenges.

Ryan - just don't mention vinyl windows and you'll fit in here perfectly.

Do figure out who you need advice from, for example Sombreuil Mongrel for wood work advice. pqtex for gardening/canning advice and don't be shy at sending a personal message to someone you think could help you with a problem.

We're generally a friendly crowd, so ask away 8)

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Re: Who are we?

Post by Phredly »

Hi! Back after a hiatus! How is everyone doing?

Glad to see new folks here. Congratulations, Ryan!

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Re: Who are we?

Post by stereorob »

hey my name is rob, 28 years old, engaged.
my house is 88 years old American craftsman 2 story
I drive a 20 year old lexus Ls400
real estate professional and local historian
im a bit of a junk hoarder, love old stuff
BIGTIME audiophile and vintage stereo collector
I go swimming in toxic inner city lakes looking for 100 year old bottles
I go trash picking
I listen to obscure music everyone forgot about.
that about sums me up lol

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Re: Who are we?

Post by rayk »

First of all thanks for allowing me to join and participate in this forum. A little information about me is that I am 63, and took an early retirement due to health reasons. My wife and I are anticipating on purchasing a house built in the 1900's. We both realize, that due to my age, a loan to purchase this house will not be possible, and probably the last house that we will purchase.

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Re: Who are we?

Post by matt8667 »

My name is Matt 30. I am returning to this site as I finally own a home again. But I just purchased a all brick 40's era bungalow. Currently I am employed at a 110 year old hydroelectric dam as an electrician. I am hoping to get great tips and insight to create a better look for my place while still hinting a vintage vibe.

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Re: Who are we?

Post by NickPool »

17 Year Old SEO Manager.
I'm currently working under a home Restoration company with over 25 years of experience in the industry.
Before finding this forum, never really thought of owning a home. Now it's one of my long term goals.

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Re: Who are we?

Post by mrhero »

Well, I'm Mr.hero.
I'm an Environmental Engineer.
29years old, married 5 years.

No kids, but 2 indoor cats and a little dog and a barn cat fill up our time.
Current House is our second - and last.

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Re: Who are we?

Post by SallyWilliams »

Hello everyone. I'm just new here.
I'm Sally and my husband's name is Bruce.
We have a daughter and are expecting another baby.
We have 4 cats and a dog who get along so well.
My husband is an engineer while I do home remodeling.
During my free time, I love hanging out in front of the computer and browse different websites especially those of home remodeling.

That's about it.

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Re: Who are we?

Post by Aussie »

I'm Chris, - 42, and work in the logistics industry.

I have a partner, we've been together two years and are homebodies and keepers - we get each other completely - something that has been missing from each of our lives before.

Our house is one I bought 20 years ago and the only one I own, although it is the fourth and newest one I've owned, dating from 1910. It was recently modernised when I bought it, and I've done just the bare minimum to keep it functional, having had other pursuits. The time for rolling up sleeves, and doing some serious repairs, replacement of major components has arrived.

I'm in Sydney (Australia), and although this is a North American forum, it's the only one I've found about this area of interest. From my delving into the internet for sources of restoration items or renovation for kitchen and bathroom, it seems that similar trends, fashions and building practices were common in the English speaking world. Like most Australian heritage, influences in house design and furnishing were as much influenced by American as English or local ideas. I've copied some pictures from here to show tradesmen different treatments with bathroom tiling and plumbing which are true to local period, or just plain good, so no doubt, as progress gets made, I may be able to give back some of the inspiration I have drawn from here.

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Re: Who are we?

Post by sooth »

Chris, (and others): This site was overrun with spam and the owners weren't maintaining it, so it's basically dead. Everyone has moved over the "Wavy Glass" (the new old house forum). wavyglass.org
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