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Questions and answers relating to houses built in the 1800s and before.

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bookish wrote:You were lucky to have such a knowledgable guy show up. I guess it was worth it?.
I'll you know when I see my next tax bill ... :roll:


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Hi Al,
Hopefully you experessed your opinion about the poor condition of your barn so it isn't over assessed.
You really have to play detective when investigating old houses for age and to determine how it may have been originally. One thing to keep in mind about pre & post Civil War or anything one uses to determine dates. A lot has to do with location of the property and what was occurring at various times at that location. Barn design in PA for example started in the eastern part of the state and spread slowily west over time. My barn in south central PA looks just like those found near Philadelphia but it is probably 20-30 years younger than the eastern PA barns. In some places things happened faster because say a railroad came through town regularly which allowed new innovations to and ideas to move more rapidly to the area. Don
1840 Limestone Farmhouse

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